Our Users

We are dedicated to seeing individuals realise their full potential, and treat each of our users as individuals, providing a personal and centered approach for everyone. we are proud of the ways we've been able to help not only users, but their families as well. Please read below to see some of the ways we have done this.

The thought of our son leaving the safe environment of school and having to take the step in to adult services was a daunting one. We looked at many options but none really fitted his needs completely and we felt we had to make compromises. Then someone suggested we visited Carrennydd Lodge. From the moment we arrived we knew it was the right place for him. It’s a bespoke service that holistically takes into account the individuals needs and potential.

It’s a service that grows with the individual; when my sons needs have changed then so has the way in which he’s been supported. Communication is excellent and the staff which provide 1:1 support, whom are all around his age, are a credit to the service and the management.

Knowing he thoroughly enjoys each day has relieved, as parents, our stress and anxiety. If we could have designed a service for our son, Carrennydd would of come pretty close.

It was with great trepidation that we faced our daughter's transition into adult services at 18. Her first respite provision turned out to be disastrous to the point we decided not to have respite as we could not face her going there. So as she approached 19 1/2 and was due to leave school we feared the worst!

About 6 months before she was due to leave school we learned of a new day service that was due to open in the summer. We met Jeanette Rees and team and saw the facility she was currently running and we were very impressed with the atmosphere and care that was given to the service users.

As we were not sure if Carennydd Lodge would be open when she left school we also looked at local Social Adult Centers and decided to take a shared package with The Lodge and a SAC.

Our daughter left school mid July and started her adult services the following Monday. The Lodge had tentatively opened and we had 2 days a week there to start with. By September it was evident that the SAC was not meeting her needs at all and by then The Lodge was fully up and running so our daughter transferred there for all her day services.

It was fantastic! she was immediately offered a wide range of activities, her physio and hydro needs were met and the food was out of this World! She became part of The Lodge family and loved going there.

Eventually The Lodge became able to offer respite and we jumped at the chance of her receiving her respite there. What a difference! She loved going for sleep-overs which enabled us to relax and make the most of her respite dates.

Shehas now been a service user at The Lodge for over 6 years and we are delighted with the extra mile Jeanette, Abigail and the team go to to ensure not only that all her care needs are met but all the extras she enjoys are provided for her.

We are now able to take a holiday due to the fabulous respite provision and go away secure in the knowledge that she is receiving top notch care.

The Lodge has changed our lives and that of our daughter's if a platinum award was available we would definitely nominate Carennydd Lodge!

In the course of my work, I deliver training and consultancy support to many of the UK’s leading social care providers. However, despite working with many of the “big names” in the sector over the last two decades, Amman Care remains the service I most look forward to working with!

In recent years, many social care providers have alluded to concepts like active support, person-centred care and positive behaviour support without necessarily delivering them at “ground level”. However, at Amman Care staff strive to reflect these in the way in which support is delivered to each individual service-user. Amman Care is a real family business - not only because Jeanette and Liz (and other family-members!) continue to be a hands-on driving force, but in the family atmosphere that is apparent whenever you visit. What this leads to is the retention of a remarkably genuine value base, the kind only usually seen in charities.

Following a recent visit to see my sister on her birthday, I felt compelled to convey my appreciation and gratitude for the high quality of care she is receiving in her supported living home at Station Road and the notably beneficial effect this appears to be having on her quality of life.  Several years ago when our mother died, we had to make the difficult, but rather inevitable decision for her to receive full time care.  Given her immense strength of character, together with a tendency to communicate some of her needs through rather undesirable behaviours, we were unsure about how things would turn out for her. 

Well, following an initial period of settling in and getting to know you experiences! She has settled wonderfully and seems to be thoroughly enjoying her lifestyle and co-tenants to the full.  She has a dedicated and committed group of carers that as her family, we are heavily indebted to for providing her with the highest quality day to day care and unconditional love and affection she responds so well to. 

Our gratitude is also extended to the management at Amman Care for their relentless attention to the detail required to fully meet her needs and for ensuring that her home is always furnished, equipped and maintained to an exceptionally high standard.  You should all be very proud of what you do and the difference it makes to individual’s lives and their families is difficult to describe or quantify.